Internet neutrality blackout due to providers butthurt.

It's now became a tendency that "privacy-oriented" and "free speech" providers tend to self-govern their customers. 

Some of our customers from the past with who we maintain good relations reported at least 4 cases when, one of the not so many reputable free speech domain registrars, locked their domain names without any explanation or possibility to transfer them out. 
Basically, everything they brag about in their /blog is a false marketing, I wouldn't even be surprised if these emails responses to abuse/law enforcement were never sent in reality.
Even a shitty registrar like namecheap would let you transfer out your domain name in case it have been locked by their own decision. always been something we considered the last recourse of the Internet neutrality, however it didn't last very long because there are obvious signs of its commitment to the dictatorship side, 
and now it's more like whose motto was "no bullshit" in the beginning of their promotion period, 
after which they have locked out every possible domain they didn't _personally_ like without even responding to the customers (aka "criminals" like they prefer to say, because "everybody trying to hide their identity behind Tor is a criminal!").
Believe it or not, those gandi retards even threatened to block our former's upstream company domain because some idiot sent them an abuse regarding some IP address. Yes. A domain registrar wanted to block a domain of an IP transit provider for some contents hosted at the IP leased by them to the downstream... Just think about how absurd it is. 

What a free speech and privacy oriented domain provider should look like and how it should act?

- If you take the responsibility to "proxy" domain registration for your customers, please do a favor of treating them equally without bringing your personal views into business decisions.
- Absolutely noone wants to know your opinion about politics or popular stuff. You are a fucking domain registrar so you should act appropriately, instead of bringing drama and your tears after reading your abuse@ mailbox.
- It's okay to suspend domains on court decisions, but domains shouldn't be held just because you're angry at your customer because they sell poop for Bitcoin or express some opinion that triggers you. Let them go to other registrar and take their domains if you don't like them.
- Again, you are not a government, you are a domain registrar, even if you are reselling and proxying them to avoid requiring personal data from customers. You should never act like a policeman and bring your mood in the ways you treat customers.
- A customer doesn't differ from other customers if they wish to be anonymous and pay with BTC. Please stop with that eyebrow-raiser Sherlock-wannabe nerd shit. You are not a detective to make assumptions.

Absolutely same principles should apply to the server hosters that pretend to be free speech and privacy-oriented. This is how we always acted during our operations, and despite of many mistakes we commited in the beginning, we have never violated our principles on that subject.

I have a weird feeling that if we won't return into the scene soon, there will be no content-agnostic providers left and probably even flokinet will follow and degradation path, because they "have grown up and now know whats up". 
For some reason everybody wants to put their nose into their customers contents today, even those wannabe "privacy-oriented" ones. I do not understand why, but it's probably a result of the massive ongoing psyop to brainwash everyone via those popular resources like reddit.

The recent events with Protonmail also confirmed the correctness of our decision to get out of Switzerland. This country gives a false sensation of privacy.

Our meta for 2022.

We are now working hard on launching our domain registrar. It will follow the exact scheme has, except we won't take abuse@ emails personally, like we never did with uanode and exohop.
We are also trying to enroll for registrar status in most gTLDs in order to avoid relying and reselling incompetent registrars like GoDaddy, PDR, Donuts, Tucows, Blacknight Solutions, Afilias,, Amazon Registrar, Inc., Neustar and Nominet UK, because these tossers even created an alliance to "fight DNS abuse"
There will be same rules that we had for our service hosting services: no corp-targeted phishing, no spamhaus abuses and publicly available malware and child porn.
In any case, there will be no risks regarding to domain holdouts and customers will always have access to transfer out their domain, independently of their state.

We were not able to return with servers this year, but we recently took solid decisions that will help us to return into the industry in 2022.

No self-governing for contents, no harsh/PMSing reactions to abuse, no timewasting in tickets. We don't care what you host, thus full neutrality from our side is guaranteed.

Since 2015 we've been in this industry and changed zero views on what and how server hosting should be. Encryption everywhere, maximum security/anonymity, onion-present, 
zero tolerance to annoying people sending emails from,,,,, (RSA Anti Fraud Center),, URLHaus,,,, cybersoc,, CERT,,, and such. Always sceptical regarding law enforcement requests, specially from the former CIS countries.
You won't fool us with your "such an irresponsible post" manipulation style. We do not belong to any community, culture or religion, we don't have a nationality thus we are completely neutral.